Are accommodations included?

No. You will be responsible for booking your own accommodations. However we will be sending options to attendees for a variety of price points. We also encourage attendees to connect in the Facebook group and try booking shared accommodations such as an Airbnb house.

How do we get there?

Athens in the main airport in Greece. From there you can catch a flight to Kalamata airport which is closest to where we will be hosting in the village of Finikounda.  You can also rent a car and drive from Athens which is highly recommended as the drive is beautiful and you can stop along the way. Who doesn’t love a road trip!? In the past our attendees have communicated beforehand and shared vehicles.

We will provide detailed travel information to all attendees to make sure you get there smoothly!

What about dietary restrictions?

If you have a restriction or allergy please list it in the comments section of the form and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

What if I’m just starting out?

That’s perfectly fine! This workshop is designed for all levels of photographers and we will make sure that everyone gets lots of individual attention and answer any questions you might have. We do suggest having a working knowledge of your camera and exposure as it could steal focus from your shooting time if you are shooting for the first time on a camera or do not understand how to properly expose an image. For film shooters just starting out we will provide metering help if needed.

Are we shooting film or digital?

Either or both! Although the workshop will be film focused and Vasia will be shooting all film, we are ready to answer questions related to both. Feel free to bring both film and digital cameras to the workshop. The workshop is also an excellent opportunity to dive into film if you are on the fence, without the pressures of delivering to a client!

What should I bring?

 Your camera(s), lenses, film, memory cards, notebook or laptop, portfolio for review, an open mind and a smile!

Can I use images in my portfolio?

Absolutely! This workshop is designed to provide portfolio upgrades and content to help you attract the right clients in the future. You may use any images in your portfolio, website, blog and social media anytime after our team images are published, with a mention that they were taken at BOHÊME WORKSHOPS. Please also credit all vendors.

Can I submit my images?

Yes! We encourage you to submit! You are welcome to submit anywhere after our team images are published as long as you mention that the images were taken at BOHÊME WORKSHOPS. Please also credit all vendors.

What is there to do in Greece

We encourage attendees to explore the beautiful villages and outlying areas of this lovely region of Greece. There are many beaches and activities to do by the water, as well as exploring of ancient ruins, medieval sites, and scenic drives or hikes.

Messinia also has lots of stunning beaches!

Athens is Greece’s capital and a wonderful vibrant city. We suggest spending a day or two in the city before or after the workshop!

If you have extra time, hopping a ferry to one of the many islands is also recommended.

Do you provide a payment plan?

Yes, payments are made in two installments. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a seat at the workshop. All payments must be made in full before the Workshop commences.

If you require a more flexible payment plan please contact us.